Names are the hardest thing to give ourselves. We don’t want to seem arrogant, elementary or flashy as it can restrict us. Names have to be original and not state the obvious.

Finding a name for a website is even harder. I could choose some witty pun on how my initials are the same as Harry Potter, how my hair is straight out of an 80s movie or how I tan like a lobster, but that’s the obvious.


A typical Toronto photo of the CN Tower, seen from Roy Thomson Hall.

You have to think about who you are not what you are. Who am I? I’m a Canadian, more importantly a Torontonian, born and raised. It’s my city and it’s my life. I can travel around the world and eat more Thai cuisine than I do North American but Toronto will always be my home and who I am. I’m the Torontonian abroad and there’s no one else I’d rather be.


Taking photos in the Praça do Comércio, Lisbon, Portugal.

My name is Hilary Punchard. I’m a traveller, journalist and caffeine addict. My life revolves around how many languages I can learn, how much culture I can experience and how many people I can meet. I live in Toronto and go to Ryerson University for journalism, writing as much as I can and whenever I can.

My blog is a collection of my muses, my travels and my experiences so get ready for the rambles of a classic Torontonian travelling the world, one flight at a time.