Travelling with French.

Languages are important. They creates barriers for communication which in turn create restrictions for travel. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning a small amount of vocabulary specific to the country you are travelling to can make the biggest difference in your experience.

So instead of pulling out the dictionary for every time you have a question, read ahead and prepare before your trip because five minutes isn’t long when it comes to understanding a completely different language.

The following is a small outline of the most basic terminology when it comes to traveling and transportation. Whether your travelling by train or by plane, it’s great to have a reference handy when a different country.

If you have any suggestions on types of vocabulary or French dialogue please comment below!


One thought on “Travelling with French.

  1. We tried to have basic phrases like these in our heads when going on holiday – travel terms, direction terms and the polite way to address someone.
    I can`t say that we always understood the replies…but we got along well enough.

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