The Beaches .

Toronto is a quilt of mismatch fabrics. Walk down the street and you’ll find yourself in a completely different neighbourhood than the last. It’s an assortment of clashing identities but somehow it works, it’s a beautiful mess and it makes Toronto the well known city that it is.


The boardwalk lines the lake with picturesque views of downtown Toronto.

The Beaches community has to be one of my favourite parts of Toronto. I’ve travelled around the world but one thing stays the same, there’s no place like the Beaches. If you drive from downtown it’s only 10 minutes away, you walk the boardwalk and see the city but it’s not saturated with the traffic and oversized billboards. It’s Toronto at its’ best, an artistic community that can only be described as alive and refined.


Kites fly over the beach, a mix of fabrics on windy days.

The community is a Toronto-European hybrid. It has the red streetcars of Toronto while having the patio life of drinking coffees and walking to bakeries in the morning. Every block hosts at least one coffee shop and everyone walks everywhere.

If there’s one thing that Beachers are, it’s proud. They are proud to live where they do and they are grateful for it. They meet up with friends to run their dogs at the beach and have their morning jog along the boardwalk all while working in the downtown of Canada’s largest city.


Parks and trails are scattered around the neighbourhood’s waterfront.

When travelling to Toronto, take the time to visit the Beaches and walk down one of the most well known communities in Canada. Once you explore the restaurants and boutiques around Queen Street East head straight for the water. The Beaches boardwalk winds along the edge of Lake Ontario for 3.5 km, leading you by the different attractions and the different views of the lake. With sights such as the iconic Leuty Lifeguard Station, Woodbine Beach for volleyball and swimming, and the historic Balmy Beach Club, the boardwalk is well worth the time to explore.

 The Beaches is an oasis from the city.

If you are coming in the summer pack your towel and flip flops. The beach is a hotspot for tourists and anyone in Toronto who is looking to escape the heat. Against common misconceptions, the lake is safe to swim in! If you’re weary you can check the City of Toronto’s site that regularly tests the city’s beaches. Toronto is certified by the Blue Flag Program for having internationally recognized water quality standards. Swimming is a great part of the Beaches experience so have lunch on a restaurant patio before heading to the water for a dip.

City of Toronto’s site on water quality testing.


An iconic spot for Beaches photography still used as a lifeguard station.

The best way for getting to the Beaches is taking good ol’ fashioned Toronto transit. Depending on what time of year you come parking can be an unneeded hassle. Take the 501 Queen streetcar and ride from heart of downtown Toronto to the Beaches or take the subway. Toronto transit is one of the easier subways to master once you have a map so don’t be intimated by the different lines.


The Beaches gazebo in the middle of Kew Gardens.

The Beaches is one of the main communities in Toronto, its’ been around since the early stages of the city and it will continue to grow in popularity for years to come. With it’s picturesque views and alluring European charm, the Beaches should be on your list of spots to visit in Toronto.


4 thoughts on “The Beaches .

  1. Love this! The Beaches are a real treasure…and your photos really convey that.
    I grew up in Toronto and never spent a lot of time in that neighborhood but enjoyed my visits there.

    I know the western Toronto lakeshore much better — and keep a photo of that boardwalk at the front of my Filofax to remind me of it. 🙂

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  2. Would absolutely love to visit Toronto! We met fellow travelers from your city on a Viking River Cruise, and we keep in touch. Your city sounds delightful, so we may get ourselves there sooner rather than later. Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. Glad to have you traveling with us!

    Liked by 1 person

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