The Opening Act

Everybody has a different way to relax. Whether it’s an instrument, the gym or reading, it helps make life a little more enjoyable. For me it’s writing. On a laptop, backs of recipes or napkins, even my legs when I’m desperate. It’s like a craving when your thoughts are clear or you don’t want to forget that fleeting thought.

I grew up with parents who were all about experiences. It didn’t matter that we still had a tape cassette player in the car but as long as we could drive across the country and spend our summers on the beach then life was good. It’s a mentality that I’ve grown up with and I hold to this day. I’ve traveled, I’ve experienced and I’ve written. The transition into travel writing just seemed natural that it was ridiculous that I didn’t do it sooner. To finally put those scribbles on the backs of coffee stained napkins to good use.

This website is for those who need a few tricks of the trade or for those who want to travel without leaving their home. It isn’t a place of flashy pictures and pictures that took 20 times to take. It’s for the truth of a culture, of a city and society. To find the day to day rituals of other countries, the local experiences and pictures of reality in its roughest form. After all, travelling isn’t about showing picturesque beaches but how a community has grown and learned to thrive with what they have.

So browse, listen and read because life is all about seeing a bit outside our own bubble before our time comes to an end.


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